Summerhill Estate Winery

Does Canada Make Wine? | Wicked Tours

If you’re asking if Canada makes wine, Wicked Tours has the perfect blog. Find out all about Canadian wine with help from the experts! Courtesy of – Jose Antonio Lopez Does Canada Make Wine? Yes. Canada does make wine! That’s the end of today’s blog… Okay, we can do better than that! After all, … Continued

Quails Gate Estate Winery BC

Guide to Canadian Wines by Region | Wicked Tours

In Wicked Tours’ guide to Canadian wines by region, discover the different wines of the Okanagan Valley and the Niagara Peninsula. Read more! Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash There is so much more to Canada than maple syrup alone! It is seldom known worldwide, but Canada makes some stunning wines. Canadian wine is gradually … Continued

Icewine Grapes at Tantalus Vineyards

5 Canadian Wines to Try Before You Die | Wicked Tours

Discover 5 Canadian wines to try before you die with some help from Wicked Tours, the wine tour specialists in Kelowna. Find out more! Canadian wine is much better than people realize, and it brings us so much joy to spread the love for Canadian winemakers. We admit that it’s a touch dramatic to put … Continued

Eggs Benedict at Diner Deluxe

5 Best Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants in Kelowna | Wicked Tours

Read about the best breakfast in Kelowna in our shortlist of favourite local breakfast and brunch restaurants. Learn more!  Courtesy of – Eggs Benedict at Diner Deluxe Top 5 Kelowna Breakfast and Brunch Spots to Delight Guests of Wicked Tours expect us to be experts on the local scene, particularly regarding food. Food and … Continued

Big White Ski Resort

The Top 5 Winter Activities in Kelowna | Wicked Tours

Kelowna and the Okanagan are perfect for your next winter getaway in British Columbia, including these favourite local activities. Learn more! Courtesy of – Big White Ski Resort Ski Big White Canada’s best-kept ski destination beckons.  We will start with the obvious and likely the most well-known winter activity in Canada, downhill skiing. British … Continued

Wicked Tours Kelowna

Canadian Wine FAQ | Wicked Tours

Frequently asked questions about Canadian wine, winemaking, and wine tasting in Canada, including Kelowna wineries and Okanagan wine tours. Learn more! Can grapes grow in Canada? Despite our position in the Northern hemisphere, Canada is home to a diverse agricultural bounty. Our Southern border along the United States is warmer than that of the North, … Continued

Vineyards at Maverick Winery

Why the Okanagan Should Be Your Next Wine Vacation | Wicked Tours

Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley is perfect for your next wine vacation. Wicked Tours offers the best-rated Okanagan tours. Find out more! Courtesy of – Daily Courier Why Should Canada’s Okanagan Valley Be Your Next Wine Vacation? Most wine enthusiasts fantasize about a wine vacation to Tuscany or Burgundy and should visit these unique … Continued

Kelowna BC

The Best Places to Visit in British Columbia | Wicked Tours

Check out Wicked Tours’ list of the best places to visit in British Columbia. Rather than listing 100 things, we’ve chosen our 5 top spots. Read More! Courtesy of Destination BC – Kari Medig No “best places to visit in BC” blog post could ever do justice to British Columbia. Let’s say that straight out … Continued

Okanagan Valley

5 Reasons to Visit Canada’s Okanagan Valley | Wicked Tours

Find out five reasons you need to visit Canada’s Okanagan Valley. Read Wicked Tours’ short list of favourite things about the Okanagan Valley. Read more! Wicked Tours is based in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, and we would like to take a little time to discuss five reasons why you absolutely must visit! The Okanagan is … Continued

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