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Gift the Ultimate Experience without the Guesswork – Unleash the Joy of Wine Tours with Hassle-Free Gift Certificates, Even if You're Unsure of Their Tastes

Ever wondered how to uncork a surprise adventure for your loved ones? The answer awaits – buy a Wicked Wine Tours gift certificate now and let the mystery unfold.

Picture your loved ones strolling through picturesque vineyards, sampling exquisite local wines, and sharing laughter amid the beauty of Kelowna's wine country. They'll be treated to an experience that transcends the ordinary, creating lasting memories of togetherness and delight. This isn't just a tour; it's a celebration of a special bond, and the giver becomes the architect of these extraordinary memories.

So, why wait? Purchase a Wicked Wine Tours gift card and gift the joy of discovery, laughter, and appreciation of life's finer things.

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Uncork Joy Instantly

Act now to uncork instant joy – Wicked Wine Tours gift certificates are the perfect key to unlocking a world of delightful experiences and cherished memories.

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Choose thoughtful, instant gifting – gift cards are the ultimate present that doesn't just speak volumes but uncorks a world of tasteful surprises.

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Be fabulously flexible with your gifting – Wicked Wine Tours gift certificates never expire and offer the flexibility to choose the perfect tour, ensuring your present is always a delightful fit.

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Don't miss the chance to surprise with elegance – our gift certificates add a touch of sophistication to any occasion, making them the ideal present for your loved ones.

Give the Gift of Choice

Act now to give the gift of choice – our gift cards empower your loved ones to select the Wicked Wine Tours experience that resonates most with their taste and preferences.


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Frequently asked questions

Wicked Wine Tours gift certificates never expire.
Gift certificates apply to our wine tours only.
We have special rates for adult guests who choose not to participate in wine tasting, and 'riders' receive tasty, locally-made Motherlove Kombucha.

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